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We offer you some modern façade ideas through this new five brick colors. All of them were thought to create an innovative aesthetic for your home or project just by playing with different black, grey and white shades.

It is a modern and uncomplicated line step away from the traditional brick facades, ideal for unique buildings that seek to stand out amongst the large volume of existing projects.

These five new models ara available in 4 different brick sizes.

Ladrillos - Tambora.jpg

Tambora Grey

Black is not always black.

Sometimes it is something else...

Ladrillos - Gredos.jpg

Gredos Grey

Grey will never be a boring colour again

with this impeccable combination of shades

Ladrillos - Everest.jpg

Everest Grey

No need to climb the highest mountains to enjoy their winter shades

Ladrillos - Himalaya.jpg
Ladrillos - Mont Blanc.jpg

Himalaya White

Not too grey, not too white

... just te perfect blend of both.

Mont Blanc White

Discreet, subtle...and effective.

Definitely, a different way of being white.

Banner ladrillos polvo.jpg